为了应对COVID-19大流行, and being deemed “essential business” by the governor of the state of Florida, 我们想向你保证, 我们的忠诚客户, 迈阿密专业搬家公司, ,永远都,put the safety of our team and that of our customers first and foremost. We are committed to following all best practices and guidelines for sanitation and for cleanliness, and are taking all of the necessary precautions as we proceed to service your move. 为实现这一目标, extensive measures are being taken wherever possible to combat the spread of this virus, while still being safe and efficient as we continue to provide you with the first-class, five star moving experience that you have come to expect of us. Here are some of the proactive measures we’ve implemented and will continue to implement:

  • 所有的估价都是通过电话提供的, 几乎, 在线或电子邮件,直至另行通知.
  • Pre-move wellness checks for both our customers and our crew members, where all will be asked to advise us if you feel ill or suspect exposure to the virus. For our movers it would be mandatory that they stay home, 对于我们的客户, 移动服务可以重新安排, 推迟或取消以减轻风险, 有必要吗.
  • 我们的船员配备了手套, disinfectant sprays/wipes and hand sanitizer for your protection and theirs.
  • 实施保持社会距离措施, and although we have always valued the professionalism and respect that comes along with a good introductory handshake and a departing thank you, we ask for your understanding that for the safety and well-being of everyone, 不会有任何形式的握手或接触.
  • 在到达时, 我们的工作人员还是会自我介绍, walk through the home with appropriate social distance, begin to protect the home with all safeguards like floor runners, 还有门卡住(他们总是这样), but in addition we ask you now (with all due respect), to please give them the appropriate space they need to safely and efficiently service your move and allow them space to do their job.
  • 在适当的情况下, open doorways and windows to increase air circulation and ventilation.
  • We are also taking measures to sanitize the cabs and boxes of our trucks, 还有所有的毯子, 垫, tools and equipment after each and every move to reduce any risk of cross-contamination.
  • It is our hope and our expectation that you will take the same precautionary measures that we are taking, and that will also sanitize and wipe down any and all exposed surfaces and furniture prior to our arrival. Anything that you can do to help keep our working conditions safe and sanitary for our men, 同样是欣赏.
  • Owners / office staff will be working around the clock from home with complete access for our team and our customers via phone, 电子邮件和文本.

Again, thank you for choosing AG8电脑客户端, it is our sincere pleasure to serve you. 我们对你的承诺, 无论在什么情况下, is to continue to deliver the 5 stars moving service that our customers depend on. 你需要直接AG8电脑客户端吗, 请, 文字总是最快的, 我们每天24小时都在为你服务.


Tricks that will 异地搬家可以节省时间

Moving from one home to another is a demanding and 费时的过程. Changing home address always comes with a lot of excitement on one hand a lot of stress on the other hand. There is no doubt, the worst thing that could happen while moving is to waste a lot of time. Whether you are moving locally or long-distance you 不能让自己浪费时间. This is important both for local and long-distance moves. 有一件事是肯定的,那就是招聘变动 公司好莱坞FL 是一个行之有效的方法吗 异地搬家可以节省时间. When is the right moment to look for reliable movers? What you need to consider before you make any agreement? 继续读这篇文章,你就会发现.

How to manage and save your time when relocating long distance?

为了让你有条理, 佛罗里达当地搬家公司 会给你建议,告诉你吗 如何快速和安全地进行你的行动. So, in this short article, you will find several pieces of advice that will be your 在准备和搬家期间指导工作. 管理你的时间 遵循以下提示. There is no reason to waste time even if you are moving locally. 此外,异地搬家还可以节省时间. It is a complex task where every minute is precious.

No matter how early start, make sure to stay on schedule.


你要做的第一件事就是 想象你搬家的一天. 这种方法是我们推荐的 AG8电脑客户端 它会帮助你 识别出必须完成的任务. 有一个 移动清单 handy will help you remember every single detail easy to forget when the rush starts. If you thinking of details in advance you are on a good way to finish everything on time.


If you postpone half of your tasks, again and again, you will never make it. So, no matter how overwhelming it can be, give your best to 遵循搬家清单. 如果你的计划是 搬家前整理一下整理、捐赠和出售你的物品,不要放弃. 记住,这对你有帮助 节省你的钱 等搬家公司来给你估价的时候.


Hire trustworthy movers and 异地搬家可以节省时间

Nothing can 异地搬家可以节省时间 more than hiring a moving company. 所以,准备好你的货,然后找一个 可靠的搬家公司. No matter how urgent your move is, make sure to check if your potential movers are 保险和注册 at FMCSA. 否则, 与欺诈性搬家者合作 会彻底毁掉你的计划吗. 小心当 移动阅读评论 并且要注意危险信号. 避开任何可疑的搬家公司.


检查所有文档 is an important task you should add to your 移动清单. 一旦你发现你在移动,确保 准备好所有文件. This will save you time when relocating long-distance. Once your documents are prepared, you are ready to hit the road.