Get £1 per video uploaded, plus more when your friends do it! 

- UK residents only -

For info about who we are and why we exist - take a look at our about page:

How to start earning £1 for a short video of everyday life:

  • Sign-Up at
  • Film a short video from the list of topics below, sticking to our good video guide
  • Upload your video
  • We’ll get you paid within 7 days, depending on upload numbers!

How to earn more through friends:

  • Encourage a friend to Sign-Up at
  • Encourage that friend to upload a video, following the steps above
  • Email us your friends email address at
  • For every eligible video, your friend will get paid £1 and you’ll get 20% of what they earn on top, without having to lift a finger!
  • Repeat for as many friends as you like!

What makes a good video?

To be eligible, a video needs to:

  • Be one of the topics listed below
  • Cover the entire activity – for very long activities, like eating a meal, 5 minutes is enough!
  • Be filmed in third person – have someone else filming the activity or prop your camera or phone up
  • Show clearly what you are doing – easiest if you prop the camera up further away
  • Be natural – no need to talk to the camera

Here's an example:

What topics are we looking for?

Currently, we are looking for people to record any of the topics below, from one of 4 categories:

 Eating and Drinking:

  • Preparing a Meal or Snack
  • Eating a Meal or Snack
  • Feeding a Cat or Dog
  • Preparing a Drink
  • Having a Drink

 Personal Care:

  • Shaving or Cutting Hair
  • Cleaning/Flossing Teeth
  • Applying or Removing Make-Up
  • Washing Hair, Hands or Face
  • Personal Styling


  • Loading or Unloading the Dishwasher
  • Loading or Unloading the Washing Machine
  • Washing Dishes, Pots or Pans by Hand
  • Cleaning Counters, Surfaces, Floors or Windows
  • Ironing or Cleaning Clothes by Hand

 Recreation or Relaxation:

  • Ordering Food or Drink Out
  • Eating Food or Drinking Out

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Terms and Conditions

Unfortunately, we don’t have infinite money (it’s a work in progress!), so we reserve the right to end this reward scheme or change the requirements at short notice. We will do our best to let everyone know as far in advance as we can if this is the case.
Videos must not contain offensive content and must abide by our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to reject or remove any videos that do not abide by the rules we have laid out.
As stated above, this deal is currently only applicable to UK residents and limited to £100 per user.