为了应对COVID-19大流行, and being deemed “essential business” by the governor of the state of Florida, 我们想向你保证, 我们的忠诚客户, 迈阿密专业搬家公司, ,永远都,put the safety of our team and that of our customers first and foremost. We are committed to following all best practices and guidelines for sanitation and for cleanliness, and are taking all of the necessary precautions as we proceed to service your move. 为实现这一目标, extensive measures are being taken wherever possible to combat the spread of this virus, while still being safe and efficient as we continue to provide you with the first-class, 五星级的搬家体验,您来期待我们. Here are some of the proactive measures we’ve implemented and will continue to implement:

  • 所有的估价都是通过电话提供的, 几乎, 在线或电子邮件,直至另行通知.
  • 搬家前对我们的客户和机组人员进行健康检查, where all will be asked to advise us if you feel ill or suspect exposure to the virus. 对我们的搬家工人来说,他们必须呆在家里, 对于我们的客户, 移动服务可以重新安排, 推迟或取消以减轻风险, 有必要吗.
  • 我们的船员配备了手套, disinfectant sprays/wipes and hand sanitizer for your protection and theirs.
  • 实施保持社会距离措施, and although we have always valued the professionalism and respect that comes along with a good introductory handshake and a departing thank you, we ask for your understanding that for the safety and well-being of everyone, 不会有任何形式的握手或接触.
  • 在到达时, 我们的工作人员还是会自我介绍, 在家里走动时保持适当的社交距离, 开始用所有的安全措施来保护家,比如地板踏板, 还有门卡住(他们总是这样), 但另外,我们现在(恕我直言), to please give them the appropriate space they need to safely and efficiently service your move and allow them space to do their job.
  • 在适当的情况下, open doorways and windows to increase air circulation and ventilation.
  • We are also taking measures to sanitize the cabs and boxes of our trucks, 还有所有的毯子, 垫, tools and equipment after each and every move to reduce any risk of cross-contamination.
  • It is our hope and our expectation that you will take the same precautionary measures that we are taking, and that will also sanitize and wipe down any and all exposed surfaces and furniture prior to our arrival. Anything that you can do to help keep our working conditions safe and sanitary for our men, 同样是欣赏.
  • Owners / office staff will be working around the clock from home with complete access for our team and our customers via phone, 电子邮件和文本.

Again, thank you for choosing AG8电脑客户端, it is our sincere pleasure to serve you. 我们对你的承诺, 无论在什么情况下, is to continue to deliver the 5 stars moving service that our customers depend on. 你需要直接AG8电脑客户端吗, 请, 文字总是最快的, 我们每天24小时都在为你服务.



You have an upcoming move and you would like everything to be alright? There are many things that you have to do in order to accomplish this. 你可能做的第一件事就是 you read many moving company reviews which helped you decide what moving company is perfect for you. 有很多 佛罗里达当地搬家公司 但并不是所有的都足够好. 这就是为什么你应该 写一篇感人的评论 这将帮助其他人做出选择. 做这件事不费什么力气,但对别人却意义重大.


这是第一个问题,非常重要. Not all people have a social network and not all have friends that are in the moving business. It would be best if you could write a moving company review on several platforms…

  • 网站- - - Era of the internet has brought us many good things and the possibility to get all information in one click is just one of them. 每个公司, 不管是不是搬家公司, 往往有最好的营销和存在. 每家搬家公司都有自己的网站 哪里有空间让你写一篇有帮助的感人评论. 这种方式 potential clients can read whether it is smart to hire that company and the company can see what are bad things about their service. 如果他们想要最好的,他们会改变不好的事情……
  • 社交媒体, 光是facebook在全世界就有超过10亿个账户. 你得承认,这很重要. 所以这是最好的方法 找有资质的搬家公司. 即使没有人跟着你, 这个话题足以让你们聚在一起分享经验.
  • 本地聊天论坛
  • 报纸等.



  • 服务
  • 工作人员
  • 价格
  • 守时
  • 你注意到的事情


在搬家行业,一切都围绕着服务. 所有 搬家公司佛罗里达好莱坞 提供同样的经典服务,但其中一些提供更多. 总是好的 写下你使用过的服务 因为只有这个事实才会有很大帮助. Someone that is not interested in the service you used can quit and look for something else. 另一方面, you may help someone that is looking for a specific service which he or she can’t find. 它可以节省时间!

另外,如果你想写搬家公司的评论, 写下搬运工是如何完成整个工作的. 我们都倾向于为所投资的钱得到最好的回报. Sloppy service will not attract anyone and you should be the one that is going to inform them.


决定搬家公司的关键方面. 当然, the actual service and the quality of the work are the most important. But who would want cranky and negative movers that do not listen to you? After all, people want the best for their money, even if it involves movers’ mood. 搬家公司的态度可能是给小费的关键. 尽可能做到最好符合他们自己的利益.


当你写一篇感人的评论时, 一定要包括价格. Not all moving companies offer the same service so the prices can be different. It would really be a shame that you get interested in some company and see that you can’t afford it. 当然, 比较移动引号 is the best way to select the company that you are going to hire but sometimes the 质量重于数量. 有时是 宁可为更好的服务付更多的钱,也不要为更坏的服务付更少的钱.



Be sure to address punctuality if you want to 写一篇感人的评论. 有些人可以承受失去一两天,但很多人承受不起. Busy times require punctuality so you would want the same from your movers. 另一方面, it does not matter whether you can afford to lose a day or two. You are paying for the service so the company should do everything in order to earn that money. 你想用你提供的钱买最好的.



有一件事你必须明白. 不管你的评论里有多少东西, 总会有你没有提到的事情. But there are also things that you would not think that can happen but they happened. 例如, 合同之外的任何内容都应该在审查时提及. 无论是 意外收费、提供服务的方式不寻常等. These are all minor things but can be crucial to the decision about hiring a specific company. 这是其中之一 雇佣搬家公司时的危险信号. 没有人愿意支付比他们被告知的更多的钱. Be sure to include anything out of the ordinary when you write a moving company review.


Moving company reviews represent a very important part of moving business. 它向你展示了 unbiased opinions about the service provided so that you can make the perfect choice for yourself. 为了创造一些平衡,一定要 写一篇感人的评论 这样你就可以影响别人的决定. 把所有的信息都留给自己总是好的, 但如果你能回报我就好了. 唯一真正的问题是你是否想写一篇评论. 只要你想,什么时候都可以. 你不需要在移动结束后就这么做. Unpack, move into your new place and then take some time to write a review. 有些人可能有足够的自由联系你以获得更多信息. Be open to communication and help someone else make the right choice!