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What is JamJar Story?

JamJar Story is a video time capsule. We are a community of video uploaders, putting together a digital archive of true moments happening around the world today. Check out our about page for more information on the origins of JamJar Story.

Why use it?

JamJar Story saves your moment in time, so future generations can see what we were really like!
Use JamJar story to watch yourself change over time, a mini time-capsule of yourself and compare everyday activities from around the world. 

What should my video look like?

What should my video look like?

  • About 30 seconds - 9 minutes long
  • Should be continuous (not chopped up or edited)
  • Film what you were going to do anyway!
  • Videos should be clear - try to find a way of holding or positioning the camera that doesn't interfere with what you're doing
  • Please don't film people without their permission
  • Videos should not contain footage of anything illegal or offensive
Here's an example of a good upload:

Who can see my videos?

Your videos can all be kept private - just untick 'make my video public' when you upload. Videos are intended for research purposes, in uploading video to JamJar Story you agree to let your video be used for research purposes. Research interest allows us to keep the archive going.

JamJar Story reserves the right to up to one minute of footage from any video choose to make public for the promotion of JamJar Story. 

How do I upload a video?

  1. Choose a device with video-recording capability (might be a phone, a laptop, a camera or an actual video camera).
  2. If not using a camera connected to your computer – connect the device you used and download the digital files to the computer. Check where the file is saved or the file name.
  3. Visit your profile on the JamJar Story website, click upload video and retrieve the file from it’s location or search for it’s name.
  4. Select your file and click ‘upload’.

I can’t upload my video - what’s gone wrong?

It may be that the file is too big, try uploading shorter clip of your video, or a lower quality version. Please email us if you are still experiencing problems.

Can I remove my videos?

Yes, just email with your username, tell us which video you want taking down and we'd appreciate if you could let us know why so we can avoid problems in the future!

How can I delete my account?

Email and request that your account be deleted, we will be happy to oblige.

Can I ask some more questions?

We're happy to answer anything not covered above, just email, or get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.

What is a JamJar?

A JamJar is a video playlist curated by a JamJar contributor - you can make a JamJar to capture all the videos of a particular event, of your first year in a new house, or any collection you like. You can add friends' videos to your JamJars too!

To make a JamJar, visit your profile, click the JamJar section, click 'create a JamJar', label it and then choose videos to add to it. Your most recent five uploads will appear below the Jar by default, but you can use the search bar to find other videos.