为了应对COVID-19大流行, 并被佛罗里达州州长视为“重要业务”, 我们想向你保证, 我们的忠诚客户, 迈阿密专业搬家公司, ,永远都,把我们团队和客户的安全放在首位. We are committed to following all best practices and guidelines for sanitation and for cleanliness, and are taking all of the necessary precautions as we proceed to service your move. 为实现这一目标, extensive measures are being taken wherever possible to combat the spread of this virus, while still being safe and efficient as we continue to provide you with the first-class, 五星级的搬家体验,您来期待我们. Here are some of the proactive measures we’ve implemented and will continue to implement:

  • 所有的估价都是通过电话提供的, 几乎, 在线或电子邮件,直至另行通知.
  • 搬家前对我们的客户和机组人员进行健康检查, where all will be asked to advise us if you feel ill or suspect exposure to the virus. 对我们的搬家工人来说,他们必须呆在家里, 对于我们的客户, 移动服务可以重新安排, 推迟或取消以减轻风险, 有必要吗.
  • 我们的船员配备了手套, 消毒喷雾/湿巾和洗手液保护你和他们.
  • 实施保持社会距离措施, and although we have always valued the professionalism and respect that comes along with a good introductory handshake and a departing thank you, 我们请求你们的理解,为了每个人的安全和福祉, 不会有任何形式的握手或接触.
  • 在到达时, 我们的工作人员还是会自我介绍, 在家里走动时保持适当的社交距离, 开始用所有的安全措施来保护家,比如地板踏板, 还有门卡住(他们总是这样), 但另外,我们现在(恕我直言), to please give them the appropriate space they need to safely and efficiently service your move and allow them space to do their job.
  • 在适当的情况下, 打开门窗,增加空气流通和通风.
  • 我们还采取措施对卡车的驾驶室和箱子进行消毒, 还有所有的毯子, 垫, tools and equipment after each and every move to reduce any risk of cross-contamination.
  • It is our hope and our expectation that you will take the same precautionary measures that we are taking, and that will also sanitize and wipe down any and all exposed surfaces and furniture prior to our arrival. Anything that you can do to help keep our working conditions safe and sanitary for our men, 同样是欣赏.
  • Owners / office staff will be working around the clock from home with complete access for our team and our customers via phone, 电子邮件和文本.

Again, thank you for choosing AG8电脑客户端, it is our sincere pleasure to serve you. 我们对你的承诺, 无论在什么情况下, is to continue to deliver the 5 stars moving service that our customers depend on. 你需要直接AG8电脑客户端吗, 请, 文字总是最快的, 我们每天24小时都在为你服务.



毫无疑问,存储单元有许多用途和优点. 但随着 在迈阿密租用商业仓库的优势 来一些挑战. 其中之一就是要时刻保持你的存储单元干净. 但清理一个存储单元肯定是一个具有挑战性的项目. 尤其是如果你打算在里面放各种东西的话. 然而, you don’t need to feel frightened and discouraged if your 存储单元 isn’t in its best shape. Because we’ve got the right tips for disinfecting your 迈阿密 存储单元 and lessening the burden off your shoulders.


在你搬到迈阿密之后在可靠的人的帮助下 佛罗里达搬家公司,是时候清理你的存储单元了. So, the first thing you need to do is to go through everything there is in your 存储单元 and take notes of it. This step is very important because you must know what you’re working with before disinfecting your 迈阿密 存储单元. 这样,你就不会不小心把你想保留的东西扔了. 同时, the chances are high that there are some items there that you’ve forgotten about. 因此, keeping a list of everything in the 存储单元 will help you keep track of your items before disinfecting a 存储单元.



是最好的 搬家公司好莱坞 说明搬迁和储存的每一个方面都需要一个好的策略. And you should always pay attention to what the best professionals in the field have to say. So, once you’ve got your checklist set up and know all the items there are in the 存储单元, 继续前进. 开始着手解决任务,制定一个好的和彻底的战略. 当然, you can always dive headfirst into the mess of your 存储单元 and begin randomly throwing things away. 但这可不是给迈阿密仓库消毒的好方法. 然而,通过创建一个攻击计划,你将保持自己在正轨上. 同时, another useful piece of advice is to break down the cleanout into smaller but more manageable tasks. All of these little steps will prepare you properly for the disinfection of your 迈阿密 存储单元.


One of the most useful tips for cleaning out your 迈阿密 存储单元 is to say goodbye to some things that aren’t useful anymore. 这是最好的保存 迈阿密储存设施 你用的是干净有序的. Sure, we know that letting go of old things that have sentimental value to you is never easy. 然而, it’s for the best and a bigger purpose and that’s keeping your 存储单元 clean. 同时, this step is very important for disinfecting your 迈阿密 存储单元 because it will make it easier to sort through your 存储单元.



无论你的存储单元的大小和你拥有的物品的数量, 你可能需要几个帮手. 即使是最小的存储单元也需要一些帮助. 然而, 有时, the personal nature of 存储单元s will make you want to clean them on your own. But you must know that this will only make the process of disinfecting your 存储单元 in 迈阿密 more difficult. 因此, 我们建议你在需要帮助的时候寻求帮助. So, you can always ask your friends and family members to help you in lightening the load from your shoulders. 还记得, 就会有更多的人来帮忙, 每个人为存储单元消毒所做的工作就越少.


As you could already imagine, cleaning out an entire 存储单元 is not a one-hour process. 此外,整个任务至少需要几个小时. So, you have to plan a specific day for the cleanout to ensure you have enough time to get the whole thing done. 不要在你有冲动的时候就开始清理你的存储单元,但是 整理 明智的. 同时, this kind of organization has the bonus of keeping you motivated through the disinfection and cleaning process. Finally, when you’ve blocked out an entire day for a cleanout, you will have fewer distractions.


给你迈阿密的仓库消毒的时候, 不管你是一个人还是在别人的帮助下, 一个好的组织会有很大的帮助. It is extremely useful to have specific areas or boxes that designate the result of each item. 所以,这里有几个我们认为最有效的有价值的类别.

  • 首先,创建一个keep类别. That means you should put everything you plan on keeping and bringing back home here.
  • Second, a donate category will contain anything useful that you no longer want or need. 从逻辑上讲,你可以把这些东西捐给慈善机构.
  • 同时, 为你相信你可以和将出售的物品保留一个销售类别. Why not try to make some money while disinfecting your 迈阿密 存储单元, right?
  • 最后,为你不能出售或捐赠的所有东西创建一个一次性盒子.


当你检查你的存储单元时,你必须系统地进行. 然而,你必须找到特别适合你的方式和方式. 所以,也许你应该从后往前看. 或者你更喜欢从一边走到另一边. Whichever is your preferred method of cleaning and disinfecting your 存储单元, 一个有条理的方法会让你保持冷静并做好准备. 此外,我们发现采取一种更慢、更有节制的方法是明智的. Because that will get you through more items quicker than if you had rushed yourself.

So, by knowing all the details, your can approach 明智的 the task of disinfecting your 迈阿密 存储单元.